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DC School Reform Now is educating, organizing and advocating to build support for public education strategies that prepare kids to become college and career ready.


Madeline Karp, Director of Programs and Communications

Madeline earned her bachelor’s degree from the College of William & Mary, concentrating in both Biology and Religious Studies. In 2013, she moved to Washington, DC as part of the 2013 Corps for Teach for America, where she taught secondary science at Parkdale High School in Prince George’s County. As a science teacher, Madeline sought to emphasize the relevance of science in her student’s everyday lives, honing her skills surrounding culturally responsive teaching.

As a history teacher at KIPP DC: College Prep in 2015, she continued to pursue excellence for her students while rigorously involving parents in her classroom, which led to passion for parent outreach and engagement. At this point it became clear to her that strong parent involvement could overwhelming change outcomes for students, positioning them even closer towards a college-bound path. While teaching, she pursued a master’s degree in education with concentrations in policy and leadership from American University, graduating in 2016.

In her current role, Madeline focuses on maintaining community partnerships and recruiting families for programming, overseeing the training & management of consultants, honing digital strategy, and producing DCSRN's unique virtual school tours. She currently lives in the District with her partner and their two cats.


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