DC School Reform Now is educating, organizing and advocating to build support for public education strategies that prepare kids to become college and career ready.
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The 2014-15 High Quality Schools Campaign is about to launch and DCSRN now has access to more families than the staffing capacity to serve them.

It takes approximatly $150 to support each HQSC family. Donate today to sponsor a family in competing this year for the quality public school seats available.

School Boundaries

DC Mayor Vincent Gray authorized new school boundaries that are slated to go into effect for the 2015-16 school year and that will in coming years change the assigned schools for tens of thousands of students.

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NewSchools Grants DCSRN $170,000

Thanks to NewSchools Venture Fund for their generous grant worth $170,000. This funding will go directly toward supporting and expanding High Quality Schools Campaign services for the 2014-15 campaign.

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2014 DC CAS Results

The 2014 DC CAS scores have been released with average student proficiency rates on the District’s annual standardized tests inching up in 2014, increasing 1.4 percentage points in math and less than one percentage point in reading.

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These tours show each aspect of a typical school day and provide parents with greater access to make important comparisons about school quality.

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What is No Child Left Behind?

The Basics:
No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) is a national law that was established in 2002. Its goal was for all students in grades 3-11 to perform on grade level in reading and math by 2014.

What it means for schools:
NCLB created new rules for schools receiving Title I money from the government. Under NCLB, Title I schools must:

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What is AYP?

The Basics:
AYP stands for Adequate Yearly Progress. AYP is the system states use to measure each school’s progress toward the goal of all students performing on grade level by 2014.

What it means for schools:
When schools fail to meet AYP they go through 3 stages: School Improvement, Corrective Action, and Restructuring.

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What is Title I?

The Basics:
Title I is a national government program that gives money to schools with a high number of low-income students.

What it means for schools:
Schools must use these funds only to help students who are failing to meet state standards. If more than 40% of a school’s students are from low-income families then the school may use the funds for school-wide programs.

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What is a charter school?

The Basics:
Charter schools are public schools that do not have to follow all of the regulations that traditional public schools do. Charter schools must report to the state or local school board every 3-5 years and show that they have made academic gains with students in order to stay open.

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DC School Reform Now is educating, organizing and advocating to build support for public education strategies that prepare kids to become college and career ready.

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