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by Michael Alison Chandler
March 24, 2015

The District’s public school system plans to offer middle-school students the opportunity to travel internationally, officials announced Tuesday, part of an effort to expand opportunities in grades where the city has faced struggles.


by Adam Bernstein
March 23, 2015

Floretta D. McKenzie, a career educator who was superintendent of Washington public schools in the 1980s and presided over an era of relative administrative stability in the city’s beleaguered school system, died March 23 at a hospital in Silver Spring. She was 79.

The cause was complications from Parkinson’s disease, said a sister, Adrienne Marble.


by Jay Mathews
March 22, 2015

Dave Levin thought he was going to be fired from his Houston school the day he picked up a huge, unruly sixth-grader and dropped him in his seat. He had touched a kid. That was a big no-no. He felt so bad that he went to the boy’s small wood-frame home after school — another thing he had been told never to do — and apologized to the boy’s mother.

To his surprise, the woman seemed pleased by his visit.


by Scott Pearson and John "Skip" McKoy
March 20, 2015

How many public charter schools should the District have? It’s a question that we hear often, in a city with one of the nation’s highest percentage of students attending public charter schools. Today, 44 percent of the city’s public school students attend one of the District’s 112 public charter schools.


by Michael Alison Chandler
March 19, 2015

When Adenike Adeliyi immigrated to the United States from Ni­ger­ia four years ago, she spoke only broken English and did not know how to read. But on Thursday, she welcomed His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales to her school on behalf of her classmates.

“When I came, I could not write my name,” she told Prince Charles. “Now I can read. I can speak. I can write.”


by Natalie Wexler
March 18, 2015

Graduation rates vary a lot among DC's high schools. A series of graphics from the DC government shows just how different they can be.

DC Public Schools had an overall four-year graduation rate of about 58% last year, up by only two percentage points from 2013. And the overall rate for the charter sector fell almost seven points, to 69%.


by Moriah Balingit
March 18, 2015

For Lashae Hunter, it was just another day, and just another 8 a.m. school assembly at Cesar Chavez Public Charter School in Southeast Washington. Her little sister, who walked to school with her that morning, seemed unusually cheerful.

Dozens of teens gathered in the small gymnasium, some groggy, some chatting, some fiddling with their phones, and some watching the odd entourage of adults in their high school.


by Chiquita Toure
March 18, 2015

March is Women’s History Month. Every year, school libraries across the country put up huge book displays of notable women historians, scientists, mathematicians, poets, and entrepreneurs. It’s a great way to commemorate the occasion and offer a friendly reminder to our students to reflect on the importance of these women’s accomplishments.


by Michael Alison Chandler
March 18, 2015

The D.C. public school system has long been used as an example of what’s broken in American public education, listed at the bottom of national rankings, and written off for its low performance. But this week, President Obama held up the city’s school district as an example of what’s promising in education today.

Obama cited the District along with Fresno, Calif., and Cleveland as examples of positive change.


by Michael Alison Chandler
March 17, 2015

Financial oversight of public charter schools has significantly improved in recent years, but agencies monitoring the schools need to continue improving how they track contracts and enrollment verification, according to a D.C. auditor report released Tuesday.

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