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by Michael Alison Chandler
August 3, 2014


by Natalie Wexler
August 1, 2014

This morning’s announcement of a slight rise in standardized test scores wasn’t exactly earthshaking. More intriguing was the backdrop: Stanton Elementary in Ward 8, a DCPS-charter collaboration that DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson said today she’d like to replicate. It’s about time.


by Editorial Board
August 1, 2014

After the historic improvement in D.C. student test scores last year, the modest gains from this year’s testing seemed anticlimactic. Indeed, even D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson said she was “disappointed” that the system didn’t demonstrate greater growth. But no matter how small the gains, it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that public education in the District is moving in the right direction and should not be derailed.


 by Emma Brown and Michael Alison Chandler
July 31, 2014


 by Robert Kolar
July 29, 2014


 by Alyson Klein
July 28, 2014


 by Emma Brown
July 27, 2014

When Johnathon Carrington makes a trip home to visit his mother or get what he considers a decent haircut, the Georgetown University student takes a G2 Metrobus that carries him four miles east across a divide that separates the city where he goes to school from the city where he grew up.

He climbs aboard in one Washington, where he sees the uniform as polo shirts and Sperry Top-Siders, where he often feels on the outside of things, where school is a struggle and he wonders whether he can keep up.


 by Emma Brown
July 24, 2014


 by Ross Brenneman
July 23, 2014

Which states pay their experienced teachers the worst? 

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