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January 28, 2016
by DeNeen L. Brown

Tiera Williams and her four children dodge cars on a winter evening as they cross the parking lot of the Days Inn to the Washington motel room the children call “Mommy’s house.”


by Marc Sternberg & Marc Holley
January 26, 2016

By its very definition, innovation will always lead to some failed starts. And when that innovation involves educating children, it's especially important to learn from mistakes and adjust quickly.


January 26, 2016
by Alyson Klein

The newly minted Every Student Succeeds Act aims to clip the wings of future education secretaries when it comes to accountability, testing, and more—but it doesn't say anything about use of the bully pulpit.


January 25, 2016
by Robin L. Flanigan

TeacherMatch CEO and co-founder Don Fraynd has a favorite exercise he likes to put principals and school human-resource teams through: He passes out the same stack of 20 teacher résumés, then asks each person in the room to identify two candidates to bring in for an interview.


by Lyndsey Layton
January 25, 2016

The Jordan family—two parents and five children ages 3,6,8,9 and 10—streamed into the cafeteria at the Columbia Heights Education Campus and made a beeline for the chicken nuggets sitting under heat lamps.

“This is good,” said Gonnie Jordan, 6, who gave two thumbs up between bites of nuggets, a biscuit, corn and broccoli. His wide grin revealed a missing lower tooth.


by Anthony Rebora
January 25, 2016

If the teacher shortages that fanned out across the country this fall had an epicenter, it was likely the Clark County school district in Nevada.

At the start of this school year, officials in the 320,000-student district encompassing Las Vegas were scrambling to fill nearly 1,000 classroom vacancies. By the end of December, the system still had more than 700 open positions, with unlicensed substitutes filling the gaps in many schools.


by Martin Austermuhle
January 25, 2016

Classes were canceled on Monday for tens of thousands of DC students, but a handful of public schools remained open—for food, not education.

On Sunday evening, DC Public Schools announced that 10 buildings would open to offer students, families and members of the community a free breakfast and lunch.


by Sarah D. Sparks
January 22, 2016

Not to sound like a broken record, but here's yet more evidence that the screening systems for advanced academic programs need a major overhaul. 

There's a slew of research that bright students of color have a harder time getting access to gifted and honors programs. Adding to it is a new study in the American Educational Research Association's journal AERA Open finds that high-achieving black students are less than half as likely as white, Hispanic, or Asian students to be referred for gifted programs.


by Marilyn Anderson Rhames
January 21, 2016

This “wait” has almost always meant “never.” … “Justice too long delayed is justice denied.”
—Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail


by Abigail Hauslohner
January 20, 2016

DC Mayor Muriel E. Bowser on Wednesday appointed a new executive director to the city’s Workforce Investment Council, filling a position left without a permanent head for about a year and meeting a key condition set by the U.S. Labor Department to get the District’s troubled workforce development effort back on track.

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