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by Mercedes Schneider
March 21, 2016

On March 14, 2016, the US Senate confirmed John King as the next US Secretary of Education. In December 2015, Senator Lamar Alexander told President Obama to nominate someone and that he (Alexander) would “make sure he was confirmed.”

Sure enough, that is what happened.


by Perry Stein
March 19, 2016

Vernell Garvin wasn’t surprised that President Barack Obama tapped Merrick Garland to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court. She already knew the judge was among the smartest people in the country.

Garland is, after all, really good at algebra. He’s even pretty strong at language arts.


by Benjamin Herold
March 7, 2016

Perhaps the most unconventional bet that technology billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has made on personalized learning involves his own employees.

For nearly two years, a team of top engineers and product designers from Facebook have been developing a new digital learning platform alongside educators from Summit Public Schools, a 2,500-student charter school network that has won national recognition for its approach to educational technology.


by Fenit Nirappil
March 17, 2016

DC Council members voiced sharp concerns about Mayor Muriel E. Bowser’s proposal to create shelters for homeless families at their first hearing on the plan Thursday.

Council members spoke in unison about the need to close the city’s megashelter inside the former DC General Hospital. Bow­ser wants to replace that troubled facility with seven smaller shelters scattered across the District.


by Alyson Klein
March 17, 2016

Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has announced his next chapter: He's joined the Emerson Collective, where he will be focusing on disconnected youth between the ages of 17 and 24 in his native Chicago, including high school dropouts and those with criminal records. 


by Lauren FitzPatrick
March 17, 2016

When Arne Duncan got back to Chicago after stepping down as head of the U.S. Department of Education, he couldn’t believe how bad the murder rate had become in his hometown during his seven-year absence.

So he’s taking a private-sector job with the venture fund founded by billionaire Steve Jobs’ widow. In a new Chicago-based office, he hopes to create “real jobs” in disinvested neighborhoods and also connect young men who are out of school and out of work with those jobs, Duncan announced Thursday.


by Mark Walsh
March 16, 2016

President Barack Obama on Wednesday nominated Merrick Garland, a moderate federal appeals court judge with a relatively sparse record when it comes to education law, for the U.S. Supreme Court.

"I've selected a nominee who is widely recognized not only as one of America's sharpest legal minds, but someone who brings to his work a spirit of decency, modesty, integrity, even-handedness, and excellence," the president said in a Rose Garden ceremony.


by Evie Blad
March 16, 2016

Charter schools suspend students of color and students with disabilities at higher rates than their peers, a new analysis finds. That trend mirrors disparate discipline rates in traditional public schools, although the report finds suspensions rates at charters are slightly higher on the whole.


by Michelle Ye Hee Lee
March 14, 2016

Depending on which candidate was talking at the most recent Republican presidential debate, viewers may have gotten three different versions of Common Core. Is it a program that states have adopted only because they were “blackmailed” or “forced” to do so? Is it a program that has been taken over by the federal government? Or is it a program that states and local school boards can craft for their students?


by Andrew Ujifusa
March 14, 2016

The U.S. Senate voted to confirm John B. King Jr. as the U.S. Secretary of Education on Monday by a vote of 49-40.

King had been serving as acting secretary since the start of this year-he took over for former secretary Arne Duncan, who had overseen the U.S. Department of Education since 2009. 

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