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High Quality Schools Campaign (HQSC)

The Need

Families in Washington, DC have a high degree of choice when selecting a school for their children. Currently, 45 percent of public school students attend charter schools with the remaining 55 percent in traditional district schools. Of those in traditional district schools, almost half attend out-of-boundary schools. However, families frequently want and need support determining which schools are of quality and are a good fit for their child.
The process for applying to a different public school in DC can be complicated and confusing, and some families struggle with completing the application processes. This puts the children of those families at a disadvantage in accessing a quality school. Moreover, the District has restructured the school application process three times in the last three years, exacerbating the confusion.

The Response

DCSRN developed the High Quality Schools Campaign (HQSC) as a direct response to fill this gap of needed support in DC. The HQSC supports families applying to, enrolling and persisting in quality schools, and DCSRN is the only organization in DC executing this targeted work. DCSRN has spent the last three years developing and refining the HQSC program model and now has enough of a successful track record to grow and support the demand that exists in the city.

How We Do It

HQSC informs parents about the characteristics of high quality schools and helps parents identify and pursue quality education options for their children. The type of support provided varies for each family. DCSRN’s services include parent-focused materials, workshops, virtual school tours, out-of-boundary and public charter application support, school enrollment support and persistence support (maintaining enrollment).
DCSRN encourages parents of students who are transitioning to a new school to apply to schools that are of the highest quality and/or that are higher quality than their current school option.
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