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DC School Reform Now is educating, organizing and advocating to build support for public education strategies that prepare kids to become college and career ready.

Resources for Parents

Below is a list of resources that provide useful information about schools, school quality, school application processes and more. 

1. DCSRN's High Quality Schools Campaign Materials

DCSRN's High Quality Schools Campaign informs parents about the characteristics of a high quality school, principal and teacher. Download our research-based and parent-friendly materials.

2. DCSRN’s Virtual School Tours

DCSRN’s virtual school tours provide parents with greater access to make important comparisons about school quality. They currently showcase many of the quality public schools in Washington, DC and authentically show each aspect of a school day, including arrival procedures, teaching and learning, passing periods, interviews with principals and much more. Go take your first tour! 

3. DC Public Education Leadership Graphic

DCSRN produced this DC public education leadership graphic to demonstrate and provide clarity on the hierarchy of various government leadership agencies and the key officials that oversee the DC public education system. 

4. DC Neighborhood Cluster Maps

DCSRN produced DC neighborhood cluster maps to better understand how to invest HQSC resources throughout the city. The maps ask questions such as, "where do school-age children live in DC?" and much more.

5. DC One Card

The DC One Card offers free or reduced fares for DC students who use Metrobus, Metrorail or the DC Circulator to travel to and from school and school-related activities. The card is available to qualified students enrolled in a DC public, charter or private schools. Read more about the DC One Card and apply today.

6. Education and Community Resource Guide

Created by the DC Office of the Chief Student Advocate, this resource guide is intended to provide users the the ability to gain access to a plethora of resources that impact education and educational attainment. The mission of the DC Office of the Chief Student Advocate is to guide and support students, parents, families and communities in navigating the DC education landscape in ways that allow them to be informed, be connected and be empowered.

7. LearnDC

Created by the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education LearnDC is an online clearinghouse of information about local schools, resources about what is taught in DC classrooms and strategies and services to support young children. Visit to learn more.

8. My School DC

All DC Public Schools and most DC charter schools participate in a single unified application lottery to determine enrollment for each school year. The intent behind the unified lottery is to streamline an application and enrollment process that historically has been chaotic and frustrating for families and school administrators. Led by My School DC, the website,, serves as a central clearinghouse for information about the effort. 

9. Performance Management Framework

Published annually by DC Public Charter School Board (PCSB), the Performance Management Framework (PMF) is PCSB's annual tool for assessing and monitoring public charter school performance. Download the 2011 PMF2012 PMF, compare it to the 2013 PMF and the 2014 PMF.

10. Parent Guide to the PMF

Also published by PCSB, the Parent Guide to the PMF is a tool for parents to aid them in their search for quality public charter schools. It contains at-a-glance PMF information that parents can carry with them as they take part in their child’s education. Download the 2012 Parent Guide to the PMF, compare it to the 2013 Parent Guide to the PMF and the 2014 Parent Guide to the PMF.

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