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DC School Reform Now is educating, organizing and advocating to build support for public education strategies that prepare kids to become college and career ready.

Our Stories

Jana Lemons, DCSRN Parent  

Jana, a Ward 8 parent, had already begun to conduct her own research into possible schools online when she came across a flyer for DCSRN’s services in her apartment building. She called the office right away and became connected with her parent advocate. Jana wanted to tap into DCSRN’s in-depth knowledge about quality public schools in DC, and felt that conversations with her advocate gave her more insight regarding school culture, teacher quality, and the school’s academic performance, ultimately helping her make the best decision for her son Chase. Read their full story here.



Erika Harrell, DCSRN Parent Advocate

Erika Harrell first experienced the school choice process as a parent when she applied to 12 DC schools for both her children. Now as a parent advocate, Erika gets to relentlessly support other DC families in their pursuit of a quality education for their own children. Read more about Erika and why she said, "I wish I had known about DCSRN when I was going through the application process."




Stephanie Hickman, DCSRN Parent

Stephanie Hickman and her four children found themselves homeless and living in a hotel. Jaylen also has a learning disability so Stephanie sought out DCSRN’s free services to support her in finding a quality middle school that was the right fit for Jaylen. DCSRN’s services also enabled Stephanie to dedicate more of her time to finding permanent housing for her family. Read Stephanie's full story.

Charles Hudson, Sr., DCSRN Parent

Charles Hudson, Sr. is a military veteran and single father who lives in Ward 8 with his son CJ, a rising sixth grader who wants to be a pediatrician when he grows up. Read how DCSRN helped him apply and enroll in a quality public charter boarding school and find out why he said, "I could not have done all this without DCSRN."





Rosita McCollum, DCSRN Parent

Rosita McCollum is a clerk at a local bookstore and single mom who lives in Ward 8 with her son Maki, a rising sixth grader. Rosita works 12 hour days with a short window of personal time each morning. Read their full story and learn how their DCSRN parent advocate was instrumental in helping Maki complete enrollment in his top choice school and why Rosita said, "I would not have known how to apply and enroll Maki into his top choice school without DCSRN."


Tia Presaud, DCSRN Parent

Having attended public schools in DC as a child, Tia was interested in applying for a fifth grade spot in the school choice application process but didn’t know much about how the application process worked. She also recently had a new baby and was concerned about how much time she would be able to realistically dedicate to researching school options and navigating the process on her own. Read Tia's full story.





Homeless Children's Playtime Project, DCSRN Partner

Homeless Children’s Playtime Project (Playtime Project), works to nurture healthy child development and reduce the effects of trauma among children living in temporary housing programs in Washington DC. DCSRN and Playtime Project partake in a rewarding partnership that enriches the work of both organizations. Read more about this partnership.


So Others Might Eat, DCSRN Partner

Collaboration with local organizations that also serve DC families is critical to the success of DCSRN’s work. DCSRN currently maintains partnerships with over 50 community organizations throughout the District. One such partnership is with the nonprofit So Others Might Eat (SOME), which supports DC residents with free meals, clothing, medical and dental care, job training, affordable housing and much more. SOME Senior Director of Family Housing said, "DCSRN’s work is important. SOME is grateful for this fruitful partnership that greatly benefits our families." Read more about this partnership.



Tamika Williams, DCSRN Parent

Tamika Williams previously participated in the DC school choice application process on her own. She felt she would have been more successful if she had known more information about how the application process worked, the school options available and that school quality rankings existed. Read Tamika's story and find out why she said, “There are a lot of choices in DC. DCSRN guided me with questions about schools that I might not have thought of otherwise.”


Katrina Minor, DCSRN Parent

Katrina felt comfortable accepting the match and completing enrollment because, even though she was unable to tour the school in-person, she had watched DCSRN’s virtual school tour and was impressed with the school, especially with the academics. Katrina’s parent advocate helped her complete enrollment by providing her with deadline reminders and supporting her in completing requirements online and in-person. Read Katrina's full story.

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