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Meet Stephanie Hickman, DCSRN Parent

The quality rating of the school that is closest to where Jaylen currently lives and that he likely would have attended without DCSRN's intervention.*


The quality rating of the school Jaylen will now attend because of DCSRN’s intervention.


Born and raised in Washington, DC, Stephanie Hickman attended public schools in DC as a child and really wanted her son Jaylen to do the same. Jaylen wants to be a scientist when he grows up and it is very important to Stephanie to do everything she can to keep Jaylen on track with his education.
This year, Stephanie and her four children found themselves homeless and living in a hotel. Jaylen also has a learning disability. Stephanie sought out DCSRN’s free services to support her in finding a quality middle school that was the right fit for Jaylen. DCSRN’s services also enable Stephanie to dedicate more of her time to finding permanent housing for her family.

“I am getting help for myself so I can be a better mom to my kids. Part of that is making sure they keep going to good schools.” – Stephanie Hickman

After receiving a match to Jefferson Middle School Academy, a quality middle school in Ward 6, Stephanie was eager to complete enrollment and secure Jaylen’s seat. Her parent advocate helped her gather all the necessary documentation to do so but when Stephanie got off the metro to turn it in to the school, she got lost and could not find the school. She called her parent advocate who immediately looked up the school’s location on the Internet and proceeded to give her corner-by-corner instructions until Stephanie had the school in her sights.
Stephanie loves being a mother and, like any parent, wants to provide Jaylen with the brightest future possible. She knows that a quality education is critical and attending a quality middle school puts Jaylen one step closer to graduating from college and becoming a scientist.
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*This is the middle school into which Jaylen’s current elementary school feeds.
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