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Meet Nakoda Jordan, DCSRN Parent

Nakota Jordan is a Ward 5 resident who works as an IT Support Specialist for a law firm while raising two kids, Aamir and Autumn. Like all moms, Nakota wants to provide her children with the best resources at her disposal in order to help them accomplish their goals. Nakota knew she wanted both of her children to attend the same school with a diverse student body, inclusive sports programs, and high test scores. She also needed to find a school that could best support Aamir’s IEP accommodations. Nakota did everything she was supposed to do; she compiled a list of schools, submitted her application, and received a match. Unfortunately, the match Aamir received was not an appropriate fit. Nakota found herself in a frustrating position that left her unsatisfied.

Although she had received her lottery results by the time she contacted DCSRN, Nakota was still looking for better matches for her children. With the help of a DCSRN parent advocate, Nakota began the post-lottery application process. Her parent advocate was able to reduce the burden of researching schools by personally categorizing a list of quality schools that could meet Nakota’s preferences. After consulting Aamir’s SPED team, Nakota was confident that her advocate had assembled the best options for her son. Nakota’s advocate was also able to intervene when the family faced unusual technical problems that changed Aamir’s match status.

“My parent advocate was able to work with my schedule, provided support, and gave me more hope and insight for my kids’ future."

After lottery results were released, Nakota was excited to hear that both Aamir and Autumn were matched with Hope Community Public Charter School -  Tolson, a quality school. When Aamir first toured his new school, he was so enthusiastic that he wanted to begin classes the very next day. Reflecting on the entire process, Nakota stated “My parent advocate was able to work with my schedule, provided support, and gave me more hope and insight for my kids’ future.” Good luck, Aamir and Autumn!

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