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In DC's confusing thicket of school choice, there's a guide for those who need help the most
by Natalie Wexler
December 16, 2014

DC Students Reach New Heights in Annual Standardized Tests
by Emma Brown
July 30, 2013


DC School Reform Now (DCSRN) is thrilled to present at the 2013 National Charter Schools Conference. Below is information regarding DCSRN's session:

Session Title
Virtual School Tours: A Tool for Authentic Parent Engagement


DC State Superintendent Resigns
by Rachel Baye
June 11, 2013


Washington, DC is a major school choice city, meaning many parents choose to apply to schools other than their neighborhood school. However, with so many options, parents frequently want support determining which schools are the highest quality and are a good fit for their child.


Muriel Bowser Discusses Her Mayoral Run
by Mike DeBonis
March 25, 2013

DC Council member Muriel Bowser (W4) on Saturday became the first official entrant into the 2014 mayoral race. Ahead of her formal announcement, Bowser granted a lengthy interview on why she’s running and what her vision for the city is.

The following transcript has been edited for length, and while Bowser’s words are verbatim, I’ve cleaned up my questions to make them more coherent than they might actually have been.


Gray Names Abigail Smith Deputy Mayor for Education
by Emma Brown
March 21, 2013


DCPS Launches Campaign to Attract Top Educators from Across the Country
by DC Public Schools
March 7, 2013



OSSE Releases District's First Student Mobility Study
by the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education
February 12, 2013

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